CliniSys Group Partners hc1 to Deliver Improved Pathology CRM Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: CliniSys Group in its latest venture will be delivering pathology CRM and live analytics solution, "powered by hc1" to their current and prospective clients as a part of its new partnership with hc1. The solution aims at establishing a platform which allows labs to deliver the highest level of service for the clients. CliniSys Group is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), providing services in the UK and Europe pathology labs while hc1 garnishes solutions tending to healthcare relationship management platform.

CliniSys has been effectively innovating and responding to the market demands, by managing more than 500 client contracts stretching across 2,000 labs with a 99 percent client retention rate. Through hc1 CliniSys will be able to meet their client’s need for a pathology-specific CRM solution. The hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud is a secure, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform adopted over 850 sites globally. The platform carries 2.5 billion clinical transactions, combined with business data to construct comprehensive provider and patient profiles that manage action and accountability.

"Similar to the United States, a shift to patient-centric health delivery models and the associated demand for increased service levels are fueling a revolution in the pathology service business in the UK and Europe. Pathology laboratories are consolidating, competing for new customers, and performing more complex and esoteric testing," said Brad Bostic, Chairman and CEO, hc1. "As a result, the market is demanding increased service levels and a greater focus on technology innovation to support a more personalized healthcare experience."

The Pathology Relationship Management solution integrates hc1’s healthcare CRM, collaboration center, and real-time analytics with CliniSys WinPath LIMS to assist in creating relationship profiles based on ordering activity, service delivery and other matrices. Utilizing these profiles, labs will be able to deliver efficient service levels, improve operational efficiency, and drive personalized engagement with ordering providers.

The Pathology Relationship Management solution includes array of benefits such as real-time alerts and notifications so as to provide information on issues pertaining to operational effectiveness and service center excellence. Focused on service center excellence, such as managing clinician groups within the UK healthcare model, it is a part of the workflow and lab test utilization can be improved for enhancing clinical outcomes and patient care. Campaigns are also being organized to increase clinicians and Commissioning Groups (CCGs) engagements, and to induce ordering activity to drive businesses based on test ordering profiles.

Fiona Pearson, CEO, CliniSys remarked, "Our partnership with hc1 will further enrich our already extensive product suite and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our customers an innovative approach to customer relationship management.”