Cloud, Big Data and BYOD Security Solutions under One Roof
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Cloud, Big Data and BYOD Security Solutions under One Roof

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 3, 2014

FREMONT, CA: A British startup company headquartered in Fulham, London aims to revolutionize the IT sector by focusing on the security solutions for Big Data, cloud and BYOD, reports CBR.

"My dream since graduating from university has always been to establish a successful and influential IT firm and deciding exactly what kind of Technology Company to create was easy. I carefully examined the industry closely for any gaps in the market but found none. I didn't want to waste anymore time coming up with something novel, so I looked at the big trends in the IT sector. Everyone has been talking about Big Data, the cloud and BYOD so, although we didn't even officially exist until today, in a way, everyone has already been talking about us for the past few years," said Cirrus MacApple, founder of the startup.

He also said that Big Cloud Fire, the BYOD big data’s cloud inaugural software would provide ultimate security through a haze created around company data. He also stated that cyber criminals could easily attack the businesses if they are just provides with antivirus solutions but with haze it would be impossible for the company itself to track its data.

“I expect Big Cloud Fire to have a huge impact on the market. These days, if you're not keeping your data in a haze, you are losing the battle against cyber criminals," said Joe King, IT Security analyst.