Cloud Collaboration Technologies Boosting Business Productivity
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Cloud Collaboration Technologies Boosting Business Productivity

By CIOReview | Monday, September 13, 2021

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) packages provide call forwarding as a regular feature, ensuring that businesses never miss an opportunity to engage with customers.

FREMONT, CA: With so many people now working from home, the cloud has been critical in allowing organizations to adjust to the new normal of working from home. Cloud technologies have been crucial to improving productivity, from adopting Cloud PBX systems to assist call handling and delivering call center training online to employing cloud-enabled video conferencing to organize meetings. It is no surprise that most businesses aim to use cloud services for more than half of their infrastructure and apps in the future.

Recent surveys have shown that teamwork is critical to productivity. It has been proven to be the foundation of high-performing businesses. Cloud technologies do not have to be expensive, with a wide range of commercial and free solutions for sharing and communication.

Here are a few cloud collaboration technologies that are sure to boost a business’s productivity:

VoIP Phone Service

Web-based phone service has become a vital component of a company’s collaborative operations. Allowing employees to communicate from anywhere in the world and stay connected on any device might help them predict problems before they become serious. Employees may stay in touch with consumers even when not at their offices, and teams can collaborate to create innovative solutions without any obstacles. Many VoIP packages provide call forwarding as a regular feature, ensuring that businesses never miss an opportunity to engage with customers.

Employee-to-employee calls are frequently free. There is also no need to invest in new software or hardware because one can hold meetings with or without video using existing equipment. There is also the option of providing free phone numbers to help with consumer involvement and provide better service.

Messaging Applications

Emails are not ideal for short back-and-forth discussions between coworkers. They necessitate titles and extensive paragraphs, and it can be difficult to keep track of countless threads in a clogged inbox.

Team messaging apps make it easier to communicate in the workplace. When it comes to productive collaboration, a dependable, high-quality messaging solution can be crucial. Some apps can be used for messaging, voice and video conferencing, and screen and file sharing. To improve internal and external communications, use a tool that is user-friendly and accessible across all platforms and devices.

Collaboration Tools for Email Management

While messaging applications are helpful for internal communication, many customers still prefer to communicate with businesses via email. Thus, email remains one of the most critical drivers of client retention and acquisition for a customer care strategy. Finding a means to prioritize messages and structure procedures can help customer care teams respond to consumer emails in less time. It also aids team collaboration and workflow organization. Create workgroups, assign to-dos, and interface with a CRM to label emails and add internal notes are all features of an email management system.

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