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Cloud Computing: A technology-Driven Value Generation in Insurance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The potentiality of Cloud computing is currently a hot topic of discussion in the insurance industry. While there has been more controversy than action to date, the cloud services market is expected to flourish in the coming years. Cloud computing at a fundamental level can enable insurers to reuse IT resources more efficiently, whether they are purchased in advance or rented without any long-term commitment.

Most importantly, it offers insurers more significant opportunities to build a more flexible and customer-centric business model that can drive profitable growth and helping to achieve high industry performance.

Let's discuss what makes cloud computing a growing reality for today's insurance businesses.

Reduces the requirement of enormous IT resources

In most of the industries, digital transformation is accelerated by using the cloud. As a result, insurers are increasingly looking for cloud platforms to replace their legacy systems that bypass the need to address their costly IT backlogs. With this, carriers can concentrate solely on expanding their business and adopting cloud at a rapid pace to attain market needs with an optimal requirement on IT resources.

Streamlines system maintenance and upgrades

Insurance is a complicated business process with sophisticated core systems such as policy decision support, claims, billing and customer interaction which will be outdated if not maintained and upgraded correctly. Cloud adoption streamlines system maintenance by simplifying and refreshing predictive models process at a faster pace. This is particularly important in keeping with the latest regulations varying to ensure a consistent and compelling customer experience.

Business scalability

One of the most significant benefits of a cloud-based platform is the flexibility it offers to insurers when it comes to scaling up and down their business as necessary. Cloud eliminates the need for insurers to fully manage servers, switches and other IT infrastructure, thereby removing the CapEx burden of insurers.

Ultimately, the most compelling use case for insurance companies in cloud computing is how to create innovative services. Cloud allows insurers to break up their value chain whether it is underwriting, product development, adjustment of claims or fulfillment of back offices. In each case, the cloud can quickly and flexibly reconfigure the insurance business process by dynamically sourcing from several cloud service providers.

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