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Cloud Computing and its Effect on Data Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cloud computing has made huge inroads in the traditional data storage systems. Most of the companies have shifted their data to the cloud from conventional storage systems. Cloud computing is a shared pool of configurable systems which is used to store as well as access data. Cloud computing provides many other Information technology services like databases, software, analytics, etc. cloud computing provides remote access which enables a user to access data from a remote location with proper authorization.  The remote access has posed greater threats for the data as the perimeter for security has increased many folds. The workloads have moved off a premise which has made it difficult for companies to keep a check on their data.

With the in-premise security of the data gone, the companies are finding new ways to secure their data. Installing a firewall is a way to stop unwanted traffic to come to an organization’s network. Cloud services use the same model in the form of a virtual private cloud. Virtual private clouds provide the same security measures as a physical data center which deploys a capable virtual security system in the form of gateways. In addition to the firewall, the cloud-based service providers also ensure that all the traffic between the company and the data center is encrypted.

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Companies use multicloud storage to store different kinds of data. This emphasizes more on security at a granular level. The diversified environment has ensured that the companies need to secure all the components from servers to virtual machines across the entire private and public environment.

Micro-segmentation is another method to secure data across the multicloud. Companies sometimes need to shift their workloads from private to public clouds in order to boost their application capacity. This means that the companies not only need security in the data centers but also at the public clouds.

Companies start from a single cloud solution and gradually move to multicloud. Security in a single cloud is comparatively easier than the multicloud. Companies need to ensure that adequate security measures are taken before transferring to multicloud solutions.

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