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Cloud for Small Business

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Small businesses utilize different means to gain a foothold in a competitive marketplace. From gorilla marketing to inexpensive customer relationship software, they have different ideas to execute. However, to add sustainability and scalability, small businesses need a different approach. As cloud offers maximum factors that include scalability, ease of accessibility, and inexpensiveness, a small business can harness the power of the cloud to move past their larger counterparts. Apart from its evident benefits, the cloud has more to offer to small firms.

As cloud-based solution eliminates the need to deploy an on-premise solution, businesses have access to unlimited computing power from any part of the world. Users can easily communicate with each other in real-time and collaborate though based in different time zones and geographies by leveraging the cloud. Businesses can easily call third-party services for solving technical glitches if they are using hybrid or public cloud-services and save IT expenditure. Also, a small business can harness tools like Salesforce and other CRM tool to serve their customers efficiently. By deploying cloud-based security tools, businesses can easily quarantine their businesses from security threats.

Though the cloud provides an endless list of benefits, small businesses should also ponder over few facts. Cloud-based solutions are not immune to security breaches. Hence, businesses must deploy robust security solutions to safeguard user data and identity. As benefits outnumber lacunas, small enterprises should include cloud in their list of imperatives and prepare to act like their larger competitors.