Cloud Foundry Certification Set Standards for PaaS Cloud Platforms

By CIOReview | Monday, December 21, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Cloud Foundry, an open source cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS), recently acknowledged Cloud Foundry PaaS Certification program. This is the only certification program from Cloud Foundry designed to establish reliable portability across PaaS products. Cloud Foundry is a joint venture of 55 member companies including banking, telecommunications, heavy industry, management consulting and large-scale computing.

With the launch of the Certification Program, Cloud Foundry also announced that CenturyLink's AppFog, HPE Helion Cloud Foundry, Huawei FusionStage, IBM Bluemix, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Swisscom Application Cloud are the products to receive the Cloud Foundry PaaS Certification.

As companies are leveraging cloud computing, they are looking for industry standards to regain control of their applications and reduce complexity. The new certification program provides an open standard for PaaS with portability and speed. It is portable across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack and gives its users freedom of choice and high-velocity innovation. "Cloud Foundry Certification gives us a great deal of confidence knowing we're getting an open source, standard platform," says Mike Sutten, Chief Technology Officer, Kaiser Permanente.

Cloud Foundry Certification ensures the application and skill portability across all certified products, as they use the same core Cloud Foundry software. The Certification will only be awarded to the products and services which meets the technical requirements. The companies have to renew their product’s certifications every year to stay licensed.