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Cloud Gaming is Shaking Up the Gaming Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The gaming industry is slowly bidding goodbye to the traditional gaming consoles with the rising adoption of modern gaming as a service.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud gaming has been a technology buzzword for years. The idea of it is that people no longer need personal computers or consoles with powerful graphics hardware, and all the heavy lifting will be done in the cloud. It is considered a new way to deliver high-quality gaming experience to gamers anywhere anytime.  

The tremendous popularity of cloud gaming is attributed to several potential advantages to gamers, game developers, and service providers. For players, cloud gaming enables them to have access to their games anywhere and anytime, and purchase or rent game on demand. This provision avoids the need for regularly upgrading the hardware and can enjoy unique features such as migrating across client computers during the game session and sharing game replays with friends.

For game developers, cloud gaming allows them to concentrate on a single platform which reduces the porting and testing costs and reach out to more gamers. It also avoids piracy as the game software is never downloaded to client computers. For service providers, cloud gaming leads to a new business model and creates more demands on already-deployed cloud resources. It also demonstrates the potential of new remote execution applications as cloud gaming imposes the strictest constraints on computing and networking resources.

Besides, television manufacturers are integrating support for cloud gaming into their smart TVs these days as it wouldn't need any power, expensive gaming hardware. Any TV with the correct software and a controller could work for gaming without any additional requirements. The gamer wouldn't need the game installed as the video stream could be easily duplicated for many users.

The gaming industry has already embraced games as a service as a way to boost the revenue, and the sector is ready for this shift in digital format.

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