Cloud Launcher by Google Joins Hands with Several Companies

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Soon after the announcement of Google becoming the partner of holding company Alphabet, Cloud Launcher, a library of more than 120 open-source packages, by Google has partnered with several companies.

Its partners includeinfrastructure software vendor Zend Technologies, Web Performance Company Nginx and Expert System- a vendor of information access technologies.

According to the company, Cloud Launcher’s packages reduce the need for developers to spend time compiling and configuring applications, finding and deploying libraries, fixing dependencies and resolving versioning issues; however,by thisintegration, it allows similar ease of deployment for commercial tools.

Under this partnership, customers can now get Zend Server, Nginx Plus and Cogito API from Expert System on Google Cloud platform. Also, with a goal to provide developers a more unified experience, Google has now made Cloud Launcher accessible via Google Developers Console.

Commenting on the expansion, Leslie Lee, Google Product Manager, says,“Expect more partners and solutions to be added as we expand our inventory of useful open-source and commercial options.”

Moreover, the new expansion offers ASP .Net Framework, Windows Active Directory and many more open- source technologies, like Open edX, an online courseware development product and Redmine.