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Cloud Networks Changing the Broadcast Scenario

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 24, 2018

In the recent years, the consumption of on-demand IP content and the use of shared internet technologies have experienced significant boosts. The patterns of content consumption amongst people have also changed drastically as a result of an increasing number of viewers gleaning content from the likes of Google’s TV platform, Netflix, and Amazon.

Many developments and transformations have been noticed in cloud-based solutions in the recent years. This has been changing how TV and broadcast function as well as how people navigate to find their desired content.

There, however, are still a sizeable segment of consumers who prefer conventional broadcast through cables or satellite TVs that require only the installation of a set-top box. But when discussing the other end of the spectrum, it is evident that broadcasters are more inclined toward adopting cloud technology for the many-fold benefits it provides such as agility in delivering desired content and scalability to accommodate fluctuating demands dynamically.

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