Cloud Powers the Primary Sector
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Cloud Powers the Primary Sector

By CIOReview | Monday, April 16, 2018

In developing nations, agriculture still plays an exceedingly important role in the economy. With agriculture as an important source of income in such nations, it is essential to improve the quality of agricultural practices for the benefit of everyone. With many farmers lacking access to scientific studies and other technology, organizations are creating platforms where helpful information and tools can be accessed by them. Cloud technology is the main driving force behind most of these advancements.

Most farmers have continued using archaic farming techniques despite changing environmental conditions, crop variety, soil conditions, and prevalent diseases. It is necessary that farmers can access a centralized source of data that can advice them regarding cultivation strategies. Many government organizations have developed a cloud-based platform where farmers can define the specifications of their farm and receive information regarding how best their land can be utilized. This is possible only because of the advanced analytical capabilities of cloud computing. By cross-referencing data from across the globe, these systems can determine optimum growing conditions for a variety of crops.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture or e-Agriculture deals with developing such platforms to benefit all those working in the agricultural sector. These platforms have information regarding demand and supply and also predictive analysis which allows farmers to make informed decisions regarding what crops to sow and in what quantities. Technology such as cloud and big data will play an important role in empowering the agriculture sector and uplift all those working in this sector.