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Cloud Solution Customized for Printing

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: While several organizations are forging methods to develop printing solutions in a cloud echo system, Upstream Print Solutions has discovered a cloud based printing solution. Upstream Print Solutions is a subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Australia and is one of the organizations to employ software-as-a-service (SaaS) package to automate printer, copier and scanner service logs, leading to satisfied customers.

The IT department was relying on a legacy application for call logging which made it hard to keep track of service requests and cater to customer’s necessities but with the arrival of ServiceNow – a SaaS service, the yawning communication gap between the various parties is well addressed.

 “Different divisions wanted the solution because we knew we had a use for a tool that lets us keep track of what work we have on with our customers. We like SaaS because we don’t see ourselves as an infrastructure company. If someone else can handle the back end for us, that’s great. ServiceNow could be used by all of the company’s divisions, not just IT”. Says Michael Schembri, CIO at Upstream Print Solutions.

ServiceNow has integrated with Upstream Print Solutions’ customer relationship management (CRM) system Salesforce. Therefore when a sales person registers a request in Salesforce, it generates a ticket in ServiceNow.  The company has made use of NetPromoter tool to get measure of customer satisfaction.

 “We do a NetPromoter score every six months. Anyone who gives you a 9 or a 10 is a promoter, 7 or 8 is neutral and someone who gives you a 6 or below is a detractor,” Schembri said.  

The incorporation of SaaS in printing sector is certain to emphasize quality of service delivery and focus on the relationship with the customer.