Cloud Spectator Reveals Bare Metal Outperforms Virtualized Public Cloud

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 24, 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Internap Network Services – provider of high-performance Internet infrastructure services and Aerospike –provider of a flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL database together announce the results for the Cloud Spectator report titled “Performance Analysis: Benchmarking a NoSQL Database on Bare-Metal and Virtualized Public Cloud.”

Cloud Spectator conducted tests for three different types of workloads on Internap’s bare-metal servers and AWS EC2 I2 class and Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers virtual instances. According to the report, significant performance and price advantages for “fast big data” workloads can be attained while leveraging Aerospike’s NoSQL database on Internap’s bare-metal servers in comparison to  popular, high-performance virtual public cloud configurations for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers.

“Due to the on-demand capacity and elasticity of public cloud infrastructure, many organizations using NoSQL databases for the real-time collection and analysis of massive amounts of data have opted to host their environments in public clouds,” says Danny Gee, CIO at Cloud Spectator. “However, our benchmark tests suggest that these types of environments can benefit from price/performance advantages when running on bare-metal infrastructure.”

Key findings include:

Loading Data Workload – in this analysis which examined the “write” speed of loading data into the database; Internap outperformed Rackspace by 5x and Amazon by 51 percent on throughput speed. Internap had 77 percent less latency than Rackspace and 56 percent less latency than Amazon.

Balanced Workload – This analysis tested a balance of 50 percent database “reads” and 50 percent updates, simulating the activity of an active ecommerce user and corresponding personalization of digital advertising based on that activity. On throughput speed, Internap  59 percent less latency than Amazon and 32 percent less latency than Rackspace; outperforming  Rackspace by 2.7x and Amazon by 50 percent.

Read-Heavy Workload – The read-intensive workload, which is associated with applications like content tagging, featured 95 percent “reads” and 5 percent updates. On throughput speed, Internap outperformed Rackspace by 2.5x and Amazon by 61 percent. Internap had 51 percent less latency than Amazon and 48 percent less latency than Rackspace.

“The ability to rapidly and cost-effectively manage huge amounts of data has become indispensable for companies delivering applications over the Internet. These companies seek not only faster database applications for analyzing massive user pools, but also more robust Internet infrastructure,” says Christian Primeau, senior vice president and general manager, cloud and hosting, at Internap.

Cloud Spectator’s report also revealed that running Aerospike’s in-memory NoSQL database on Internap’s bare-metal servers offered significantly better value than the Amazon I2 or Rackspace virtual public cloud configurations. The equivalent monthly price of hosting Aerospike’s database on Internap’s bare-metal servers was also found to be more cost efficient.

“The Cloud Spectator benchmarks highlight the advantages bare-metal environments can provide over virtualized public clouds for the performance- and data-intensive workloads our customers run,” says Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike founder and CTO.