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Cloud Transcoding for UHD Video Content

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2016

BOSTON, MA: Brightcove, a leading provider of cloud transcoding services for online video content, has announced cloud transcoding for Ultra High Definition (UHD) video through its flagship product Zencoder. The latest features will add support for the HEVC and VP9 codecs, which are instrumental in the delivery of 4K digital videos. With capabilities that support 10-bit color workflows and the wide gamut BT.2020 color space, Zencoder will now facilitate the delivery of High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos. In addition, the inclusion of these new features will help Zencoder in catering to media companies’ requirements for delivering 4K UHD content to web browsers, handheld devices, and other over-the-top (OTT) devices.  

The new UHD tier introduced in Brightcove’s UHD support will enable the transcoding of outputs up to a resolution of 4096 x 2160 at 60 frames per second. Brightcove has collaborated with Stan, an Australia based local subscription OTT services provider, to get validation for its UHD support. The leading local expert in the Subscription video on demand (SVoD) category with a subscriber base of one million active users, Stan has introduced Zencoder’s UHD and HDR support in the products that they deliver.

Zencoder’s support for the HEVC and VP9 formats includes options for progressive output for local playback and segmented output suitable for live streaming on the internet. MP4 for HEVC and WebM for VP9 are used for progressive output by Zencoder and it uses MPEG-DASH for streaming output for both HEVC and VP9.