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Cloud-Based EDI Technology by B2BGateway Will Reduce Errors and Tighten the Supply Chain for End Users (Scaling New Heights, 2016)

By CIOReview | Friday, May 27, 2016
Kevin Hoyle, CEO, B2BGateway.Net

Kevin Hoyle, CEO, B2BGateway.Net

ATLANTIS, PARADISE ISLAND: A global EDI solution provider, B2BGateway, recently announced its fully integrated EDI solutions for QuickBooks Online, Exact Online and Xero accounting software end users, at Scaling New Heights. The fully integrated Cloud-based EDI solutions by B2BGateway will tighten the end users supply chain, thereby, drastically reducing the costs and errors associated with manual data entry.

Scaling New Heights—a unique, financial software based conference—focuses on practical, nouveau professional education, furthering networking relationships between the most successful financial software consultants in the country and availing resources that empower consultants to foster their practices, master new products, amplify their consulting services, and maximize professional relationships. B2BGateway is a sponsor of the 2016 Scaling New Heights conference; takes place at the Atlantis Resort of Paradise Island, (Bahamas).

In the transfer of electronic business documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Inventory Updates, Shipping Notices, Acknowledgements, EDI has become best business practice. Also popular between trading partners and is in high demand in market verticals such as Wholesale Retail, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing, Finance, and Healthcare.

B2BGateway’s integration with cloud-based EDI solution—the QuickBooks Online, Exact Online or Xero—allows user to be compliant in all internationally recognized EDI standards and communication protocols like ANSI X12, Tradacoms, EDIFACT, oioUBL, VAN, PEPPOL, AS2, etc. Also, full integration removes the need for the user to re-key data while exchanging e-business documents when trading partners. This leads to greater accuracy, increased labor efficiencies and hastening the order-to-payment cash cycle with customers.

“B2BGateway is yet again a proud sponsor of Scaling New Heights. We are especially excited this year to announce our fully integrated EDI solutions for QuickBooks Online, Exact Online and Xero”, states Roger Leyden, Director of Global Business Development, B2BGateway, “At the conference, we will manifest to the end user how a cloud-based, fully integrated EDI solution and backend business software suite can tighten and improve the users supply chain by abridging errors, cutting costs and improving overall efficiency.”