Cloud-based Merchandising Solution for Retailers from Skemaz
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Cloud-based Merchandising Solution for Retailers from Skemaz

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Skemaz, a retail merchandising software provider, has launched free cloud-based merchandising SaaS.  This latest offering from the company is expected to bring down the cost to Merchandising Service Organisations (MSOs) and field marketing operations across the globe.

Besides the MSOs and the field marketing businesses, it is going to benefit brokers and manufacturers of consumer packaged goods that rely upon merchandising. The cloud-based solution provides the round the clock assistance generating audit reports in real-time.

The solution also comprises of a social marketplace where entities from the retail industry can connect, collaborate, promote services, find field merchandising work across the globe and enlarge their resources proportional to the demand. The marketplace offers a simple way to merchandisers for making themselves available to field marketing organizations who can add them to their resource pool.

This BYOD service is intuitive and quite easy to learn. Leveraging the robust cloud service from Microsoft Azure, the company offers intuitive merchandising solution for the retail sector.

"When it comes to field marketing, in-store audit and reporting software, the Skemaz team has an uncluttered philosophy - make it free and make it paint-by-numbers easy to use," said Mark Runge, CEO, Skemaz.

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