CloudBees Strengthens its PaaS Technology

By CIOReview | Friday, March 14, 2014

WOBURN: CloudBees, a provider of Enterprise Platform as a Service has announced that it has secured $11.2Mn to enhance its PaaS platform.

The financial round was led by Verizon Ventures, the investment arm of Verizon Communications and other investors are Matrix Partners, LightSpeed Venture Partners, as well as Blue Cloud Ventures.

CloudBees provides Java PaaS unlike traditional PaaS providers that focus on Ruby, Python and PHP platforms.

In contrast to the Google App Engine for Java which is based on a non standard technology of Java PaaS, CloudBees strongly believes in the benefit of standardization and portability of the Java platform. GAE provides a Java runtime that limits access to file system, networking, threading and other API methods. It provides a non relational database and supports a limited set of outdated Java Data Object. While, CloudBees PaaS environment supports plain old Tomcat, Java EE certified JBoss 6 AS and MySQL database.

Other advantage of CloudBees PaaS is that there is no vendor lock-in. It does not want the clients to use proprietary APIs or other non standard Java libraries and always ensures that Java code remains portable. CloudBees PaaS simply runs your Java code; if customers are not happy with their service for any reason, they can take the code and run it elsewhere.

PaaS undoubtedly needs an enhancement in the present scenario where enterprises are moving towards cloud computing. According to Sam Shead of Techworld the recent fund acquired by CloudBees develops its PaaS capabilities.

"PaaS and continuous delivery are transforming the way enterprises create business applications and deliver value to the business by accelerating the way applications are built and deployed," says Sacha Labourey, founder and chief executive officer of CloudBees.