CloudBolts Board of Directors Unveils Onboarding Two Security Players
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CloudBolts Board of Directors Unveils Onboarding Two Security Players

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Prevalent's CEO and President, Kevin Hickey, and COO and CSO, Brad Hibbert, bring decades of security, compliance, and governance expertise to enhance cyber security to cloud customers.

FREMONT, CA: "I welcome the opportunity to contribute to CloudBolt's growth and reputation as a trailblazer in the new multi-cloud era," said Hickey. "As enterprises increasingly adopt a multi-cloud, multi-tool approach and partner with more third-party vendors, tackling new security challenges requires creative, cost-efficient solutions that evolve and adapt ahead of future threats. I'm thrilled to be a part of that important endeavor with CloudBolt."

CloudBolt Software, one of the leaders in automating, streamlining, and managing hybrid cloud and multi-tool environments for global organizations, unveils the inclusion of Brad Hibbert and Kevin Hickey to CloudBolt's board of directors. Kevin Hickey and Brad Hibbert are leading cybersecurity, compliance, and governance experts.

As CloudBolt's newest board members, Hickey and Hibbert can play a valuable role in ensuring the company's security and governance capabilities continue to evolve rapidly.

"Hybrid cloud/multi-cloud has made it exponentially harder for enterprises to manage to expand threat surfaces and apply proper governance mechanisms," Hibbert said. "Zombie VMs, unsecured workloads, shadow IT – they all expose companies to very real risks while also wasting precious cloud budgets unnecessarily. CloudBolt is a visionary company that's addressing and solving these problems through automation, interoperability, visibility, and simplicity.”

“Kevin and Brad’s experience is helping us to further bolster protections within our framework of offerings and provide more value to our customers,” said Jeff Kukowski, chief executive officer of CloudBolt Software. “Our research shows that most companies moved to the cloud without fully understanding the complications it would bring to security and governance. Brad and Kevin will help us better understand that lens and provide guidance as to how we can ensure our offerings provide ever-evolving protection and controls as we continue to scale.”