Cloudera Launches Director 1.5 with the support of GCP and AWS

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: Cloudera, provider of Apache based software and services, has released the integrated solution, Cloudera Director 1.5, for the deployment and management of enterprise-grade Hadoop in cloud environments. It features an intuitive interface for users to easily take advantage of cloud elasticity- with the ability to spin up, spin down and scale clusters.

“Often, when organizations move to cloud environments, they are forced to make tradeoffs around flexibility and a mature, production-ready Hadoop platform. With Cloudera, and products like Cloudera Director, customers get the best of both,” says Charles Zedlewski, VP of Products, Cloudera.

With Cloudera Director integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the new release allows GCP customers to easily get started with Cloudera’s Hadoop based platform, which includes analytics tools, Apache Spark and Impala. Also, with Cloudera Director, users get the enterprise-grade capabilities available with Cloudera Enterprise including security, data management and governance, and administration of their cluster and environment of choice.

“We are thrilled to add Google Cloud Platform as a deployment option for our users, giving them direct access to the cutting edge datacenter design of Google Compute,” adds Charles.

Moreover, the new release also supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the open source plugin framework, which allows users to integrate with other cloud vendors of choice. Open-sourced by Cloudera and Google respectively, the AWS and GCP can be used as reference guides and also maintains improvements and extensions. Both the integrations are available on Github.

According to the company, Cloudera has also continued to improve Cloudera Director’s production-grade features, offering high availability for clusters and Kerberos integration for security. The user interface has also been updated to make it more powerful for managing advanced use case.