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CloudGenix Streamlines Network Performance with SD-WAN

By CIOReview | Friday, May 20, 2016

HUNTINGTON, NY: CloudGenix joins hands with Teq to provide innovative Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) to the school districts of the nation. School districts and Universities being reliable on cloud applications for online assessment they get benefited with CloudGenix as it help them with network performance and low capital and operational expenses.

"CloudGenix transforms the way networks are built," says Kumar Ramachandran, CEO and Founder of CloudGenix. "We remove the need for proprietary hardware at branch locations-in this case, the individual schools that make up a district-and dramatically improve WAN price-performance."

In order to improve network performance CloudGenix is said to route application data just like a Waze app in the smartphone reroutes the driver to avoid traffic. With CloudGenix even the district IT leaders will be able to prioritize traffic for critical applications that are utilizing too much traffic.

The CoSN's (The Consortium for School Networking) 2015 Annual E-rate and Infrastructure Survey, says that in many schools affordability remains the primary obstacle for robust connectivity, which gives birth to new challenges like network speed and capacity. According to the survey 19 percent of the responding school systems are pay $50/Mbps per month for Internet connection, and 18 percent pay the same high rate for their WAN connection. Here CloudGenix plays a major role by enabling diverse carrier strategy to tackle with insufficient bandwidth needs by making all available connectivity paths active.

CloudGenix will help schools plan for accelerated application and device-count growth while retaining visibility on application performance. The company has the ability to move district networking from an "active/backup" environment to an "active/active" environment while improving district network performance.

“We believe CloudGenix has that kind of the opportunity and we see that customers are able to move from the hardware to completely software-defined network infrastructure, which can greatly simplify the WAN,” adds Ramachandran.