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Cloudnexa Unveils its New Network as a Service (NaaS) Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016
Joel Davne, CEO, Cloudnexa

Joel Davne, CEO, Cloudnexa

FREMONT, CA: Cloudnexa, a respected provider of cloud managed services recently announced the unveiling of their Network as a Service (NaaS) service that enterprises of various sizes are adapting. CEO of Philadelphia-based Cloudnexa, Joel Davne, took time to explain what NaaS is, and Cloudnexa's rendering of the service specifically.

"NaaS has grown in popularity amongst our mid-market and small business clientele because the infrastructure doesn't involve them buying new network hardware or having to pay IT departments," said Davne, further noting that "NaaS is completely virtual." He further explained that usage is promptly adaptable, which in turn translates to big savings for its users.

"We'll trim investments in networks and time to implementation," explains Davne in an explanatory article on the company website that meticulously explains the firm's NaaS services.

“As a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS, with unique utility priced services, we help businesses quickly and cost effectively achieves their cloud objectives,” says Davne.

On the subject of the security of data transportation via Cloudnexa's opted method, Davne went on to assure company owners that security remains a top priority for Cloudnexa. "Deliveries are channeled through encrypted and a private connection, thus the solution is geared to handle the needs of highly sensitive data," said Davne. According to an excerpt from his article, "the trip from data center to AWS [Amazon Web Services] will always be protected."

Moreover, on top of the safety and cost-efficiency, Cloudnexa’s NaaS users can also look forward to rapid distribution, 24X7 customer support availability, on-demand networking, no restrictions as well as cloud bringing capabilities.