Cloudwick One Beefs Up Cyber Security

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Security threats are inconspicuous and have become tedious for the organizations to detect who and what have led the encounter of cyber attacks. At the recently held RSA Conference 2016, Cloudwick, provider of bimodal digital business services and solutions, proclaims its talk of the product, Cloudwick One, an Open Source Adaptive Security (OSAS) managed solution which is developed using Open Network Insight (ONI) catered by Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH).

Cloudwick is a provider of Big Data-as-a-Services (BDaaS) with more than 1000 Hadoop, Cassandra, and spark managed services clients worldwide. BDaaS uses commercial open source on client’s choice of cloud and on-premises platform. Cloudwick One OSAS enables the enterprise to analyze cloud traffic, network and events at the scale and speed of big data ensuing in detection of unknown and insider threats in quick time.

Cloudwick’s OSAS managed solution leverages ONI, an open source solution denoted by Intel and organized for Cloudera EDH. Cloudera, provider of secure data management and analytics platform is designed on latest open source technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Cassandra. ONI converts actionable penetrations into suspicious traffic by sorting and examining billions of events in order to detect insider and unknown threats. The key benefits include detection of suspicious connect and DNS; storage prediction; spotting incident response from a specific IP address; and communicate threats intelligence across the system by delivering reports in a storyboard.

Due to pitiful rule writing, long baseline training, and analyzing data without context lead to produce too many false positives. Cloudwick One delivers lesser false positive alarms by carving up the data with context to ensure alerts are legitimate.

Alan Ross, Chief Cloud Security Architect, Intel & Core Team Member, ONI said that though the existing intelligence tools help in some case of cyber threats, discovering unknown threats and attacks remain a challenge. ONI expedites the ability for service providers to divulge wary connections and previously unseen attacks using flow and packet analysis technologies.