CluePoints Joins Hands with OmniComm to Deliver Data Collection Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: To meet the challenges of clinical data oversight, CluePoints teams up with OmniComm Systems integrating OmniComm’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) with CluePoints Risk based Monitoring (RBM) software to offer data collection solution with oversight of data quality.

TrialMaster, which is OmniComm’s solution for EDC, is a design tool for importing and exporting data. It can also perform many other tasks of clinical applications that do not come under EDC such as improved efficiency and communications, rapid completion of study and reduction in costly integration projects. The amalgamation of the EDC solution and CluePoints’ RBM software that supports quality assurance strategies, will encapsulate data capture, analysis and visualization to their clients. It will provide insights to risk assessment and operational KRI (Key Risk Indicators), capitalizing on the use of statistics in central data review.

"We are delighted to partner with CluePoints. As a provider of leading edge EDC and RBM enablement technology and services, integrating their powerful RBM software with TrialMaster EDC technology and our RBM enablement services helps us advance the use of our systems outside the periscope of data capture. Together we can provide an answer to the challenging questions of clinical data oversight, streamlining processes and helping our customers to improve their outcomes," says Steve Young, Senior Director, Transformation Services, OmniComm.