CMD and iSqFt Unify to Better Explore Construction Industry

By CIOReview | Monday, November 23, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: CMD and iSqFt announced their merger at the recently held Greenbuild Conference, Washington D.C. The merger includes the integration of the former company’s powerful insight platform along with the latter company’s network and software.

The newly formed company also comprises of BidClerk, the BPM-centric data provider; which was previously acquired by iSqFt. A network of more than 750,000 construction professionals and 800,000 active projects are now made available to their combined customers.

They provide in-depth view on construction activity with different data visualization modes like historical data, current-year projections and a five-year forecast. It boosts the customer’s long-term forecasting effort and performance; helps them to plan for new products. Market analysis and search tools offered by the unified company keep them ahead of the competitors, understand trends, rates and areas of growth.

Information on active projects – from inception to completion stage is broadcasted to the customers to help them decide on future moves. With the expansion of customer base from North America till Canada, the project information has also increased with minute details such as plan rooms, architects, engineers, general contractors and many more.

The platform also includes external connections such as LinkedIn profiles and other contact information of industry professionals allowing for direct interaction; in order to expand their business in all aspects. Specific teams have been working towards training customers to reach certain business goals focusing on improvement of margins, revenues and more.