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Coalescing Blockchain and ERP to Enhance Business Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 9, 2019

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a high-tech business optimization software solution, which helps the stakeholders, suppliers, vendors, employees, and other business actors stay connected. This unified platform is now integrating concepts and features of blockchain to serve the security aspects of business processes. Technologists state that the combined effect of ERP and blockchain seems to be a hybrid solution for numerous collaboration and security challenges faced by the businesses. Sophisticating the advantages offered by the blockchain, which was initially designed to validate and secure cryptographic operations, engineers incorporate this technology's supporting features into the ERP space.

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The new tech amalgam is all about bringing Blockchain's independent verification and authentication potentialities and ERP's external and internal secured data communication principles together, to unlock better security benefits. This integrated solution starts with understanding and predicting the hackers' tricks and the intruders' tactics. Expanding its service spectrum into backing external cloud-based interactions and collaborations Blockchain-ERP software system provides simple ways to monitor data flows, survey the data access paths, and handle the consequences of data theft or a business attack.

Blockchain offers specialized assistance in managing, storing, retrieving and sharing enterprise-critical data. With effective cryptographic coding methods and other potential functionalities, blockchain ledger plays a significant role in checking and thoroughly inspecting the data sharing channels, authorizing users for data access, and streamlining data storage implications. When an ERP platform is powered, by the essence of blockchain every user is needed to enter a secret data authentication code, in order to gain entry the data space of the ERP ecosystem. With this, enterprises can efficiently gain control over the entire business data network and ensure full-fledged security.           

With the blend of ERP and blockchain, industries can make optimum use of specialized capabilities, which are native to each of the technological spheres. This high-tech pair is sure to foster enhanced security features, driving safe, mission-successful and frictionless attempts to achieve business goals.   

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