Cognitier Introduces a Remote Cloud Service HomeWeb

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 23, 2015

DALLAS, TEXAS: Cognitier has come up with the service of providing access to the user’s home computer from a smart phone browser. This service named HomeWeb allows browsing, viewing and emailing files. Unlike the usual cloud storage account, HomeWeb gives access to up-to-the-minute contents on the computer.

HomeWeb has the ability of converting files to PDF format; FTPing larger files; and also running functions on the computer in remote fashion. One of the remarking features is that the users can extend the product by defining their own commands for tasks such as searching database and calendar applications, sending faxes and emails, or performing home-automation tasks. The command definition is realized using Microsoft Jscript.NET. In addition to this, HomeWeb has the ability to operate on multiple computers simultaneously.

“We wanted to give non-developers a simple scripting option for creating custom commands,” says Jennifer Castillo, Chief Executive Officer, Cognitier.

When it comes to the security of Personal Cloud services, there are several layers operating to achieve authentication, encryption and thorough auditing. The software also includes an administrative studio with facilities for configuring the security levels as required. The auditing application includes a log of requests received by the computer and the respective responses sent. The ‘chat search’ feature allows the user to initiate real-time chat sessions with the website visitors.

Cognitier produces software that can increase the performance of the Windows-based systems. Improved application stability is achieved by providing usable, well-documented tools, which also simplifies the process of software integration.

“Business users will take advantage of the ability to run ad hoc queries against their fleet of laptops in the field.  Developers will use the ability to write their own commands to extend the service,” adds Castillo.