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Cogsdale Announces Corporate Rebrand

By CIOReview | Friday, August 10, 2018
Todd Ramsey, VP, Sales and Marketing

Todd Ramsey, VP, Sales and Marketing

Charlottetown  - Cogsdale, a firm that develops software solutions for local government organizations and public and private utilities declared another look to their corporate image accentuating its way of life as a transformative, people-first software solution provider.

"Cogsdale is proud to deliver stable, comprehensive and transformative solutions to our clients who look to us for guidance with their Enterprise Resource Planning and Utility Billing software. We believe our new brand identity illustrates the strength of our position as a solution provider for utilities", says Todd Ramsey, Vice President, Sales, and Marketing.

Cogsdale's new logo delivers a bold, professional look for the company that was formed over 20 years ago. "With a long-serving workforce dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and guidance for our customers, it was important that our new identity communicated the confidence and professionalism that we bring to the market," says Ramsey. "We took this opportunity to reflect on our history as an organization, our strengths in the marketplace and the important work we have achieved for our clients".

The new look and feel for the company signal the organization's commitment to grow and develop business with utilities in all segments – water, sewer, electric, gas, and telecommunications - looking to modernize their systems. "As a company, Cogsdale has a strong sense of awareness of who it is and what it delivers. We are proud to align our branding efforts to match the strength of our software offerings".