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CoIP Shield for Exposed Cross-Cloud Attack Surfaces From Zentera

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Dr. Jaushin Lee, CEO, Zentera

Dr. Jaushin Lee, CEO, Zentera

FREMONT, CA: The options for running applications in an environment with potentially unlimited computing resources are one of the many promising features that cloud solutions offers to Enterprises. Recently it has been announced that, a set of cybersecurity-focused enhancements to the CoIP platform release of Zentera systems will be incorporated.

Network integrity enforcement and cloud endpoint application interlock is added to the existing east-west packet filtering of CoIP post implementation of CoIP Shield enhancements. The CoIP platform connects, protects and shields. Wrapping up dispersed end point computers across distributed and fragmented cloud ecosystems through a unified private network, CoIP enables computers to instantly and securely connect to each other. To stay intact and protected in cross-cloud deployments, CoIP protects the network by enabling enterprise perimeter security, physical networks and compliance. Production workloads and the linked cloud endpoints in the private cross-cloud network of CoIP is given shield protection. The provision of the cross-cloud network can be performed in hours with no changes to the existing IP infrastructure.

Zentera is a cross-cloud session network solutions provider based in Silicon Valley and it offers CoIP through select regional channel partners, managed cloud service providers and Ingram Micro. Companies are able to facilitate extension of production data center operations to public, private and managed hosted network domains with the aid of Zentera Systems. Attack surfaces exposed by remote cloud endpoints are protected by emerging cloud ecosystems. These ecosystems are provided with enterprise-grade networking and security from the CoIP cross-cloud session solution. The creation of a merged overlay network plane by CoIP across multiple private and cloud domains helps connect dispersed computers, virtual machines and containers. Compared to the existing IP infrastructure, it is observed that Zentera’s network virtualization can be provisioned in hours.    

“The inexorable movement of computing to the cloud is extending enterprise attack surfaces far beyond where the enterprise has sufficient control over security. Zentera CoIP provides a virtual network that in effect extends the enterprise’s own security to private, hosted or public clouds. With our channel partners, we can help enterprises take advantage of cloud adoption and protect cloud endpoints as the new attack surface,” comments Dr. Jaushin Lee, CEO, Zentera.