Collaborating with Carbon Black, CyberArk, Ziften, Splunk Announces Adaptive Response Initiative

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Splunk, Inc., a big data operational intelligence and real-time analytics platform has recently announced a new cybersecurity initiative, mainly designed to minimize advanced attacks with a unified defense.

“Modern cyber threats are dynamic, and attackers are constantly finding new ways to get in and exploit networks and systems. This new challenge goes well beyond preventing individual stages of an attack,” notes Song. Adaptive Response aims to more effectively connect intelligence across best-of-breed technologies to help organizations improve their security posture, quickly validate threats, and systematically disrupt the kill chain.

By connecting security vendors, ostensibly under the Splunk umbrella, the company focuses at improving security operations and strategies through better integration. “The mission of the Adaptive Response Initiative is to bring together the best technologies across the security industry to help organizations combat advanced attacks,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president of security markets, Splunk.

Differentiating from the traditional approaches, Splunk’s management team says that the adaptive response model will combine alert and threat information from multiple security domains and technologies, allowing security teams to make better-informed decisions, especially validating threats and applying analytics-driven response directives to their security environment.

Splunk’s growing security business, fueled by the Splunk App for Enterprise Security, accounted for a third of the company revenue in Q2 2015, according to Song.