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Cologix Unveils Cloud-Based Digital Infrastructure in Ashburn

By CIOReview | Monday, December 28, 2020
Bill Fathers, CEO

Bill Fathers, CEO

Cologix recently announced a significant shift in its approach to providing a cloud-first service to boost cloud deployments at Ashburn

FREMONT, CA: Cologix, a neutral interconnection network and cloud, ecosystem, and hyperscale edge data center business, recently announced a significant shift in its approach to providing a cloud-first service to boost cloud deployments at the network edge response to demand. The new hyperscale edge data centers from Cologix allow for massive deployments at scale and deep connectivity at the very digital edge. In Montreal, Cologix unveiled this new method and is now implementing it in Ashburn, Virginia, as it breaks ground in Data Center Alley. There will be more locations.

The new one-million-square-foot, 120 MW hyperscale edge cloud campus of Cologix in Ashburn combines massive size, interconnection, infrastructure needs for the next decade, a new peering hub the capability of hyperscalers to design their own space, reflecting a significant shift in edge deployment design and delivery.

"We are excited about Cologix's innovative digital infrastructure model at one of North America's largest interconnection points," said DE-CIX International CEO, Ivo Ivanov. "DE-CIX is looking forward to supporting Cologix's expansion in Ashburn with access to peering and cloud onramps to major hyperscalers and their customers."

With solutions ranging from cabinets and cages to data rooms to entire data centers or clusters of data centers dedicated to a few customers' needs, Cologix's hyperscale edge infrastructure may meet different customers' requirements.

"As we look at the next ten years, we know the data center annex models of the past will not deliver enough capacity along with ultra-low latency at the right price point to support cloud provider requirements and explosive demand," said Bill Fathers, Cologix's Chairman & CEO. "To accommodate massive volumes of new applications and data, we reimagined how to deploy workloads as close as possible to the edge of networks. Deploying vast clusters of servers at the very network edge rather than remote locations improves performance and lowers costs. In Ashburn, we are able to support hyperscale growth as well as deep connectivity with our interconnection hub, providing a high performance, cost-effective alternative for cloud service providers and carriers along with a rich ecosystem."