Columbia Pipeline Group Adopts Intelligent Pipeline Solution to Streamline their Workflow

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

HOUSTON, TX: Intelligent Pipeline Solution (IPS) is a sophisticated software solution built by the combined efforts of GE and Accenture that helps pipeline operators to make informed decisions about pipeline safety and integrity. Columbia Pipeline Group (CPG) has become the first company to successfully deploy the software which has provided them with an enterprise-wide, near real-time view of more than 15,000 miles of their interstate pipelines. This includes monitoring of pipeline threats, improving risk management, and providing situational awareness. The software is orchestrated to help pipeline operators in deciding where resources could be best allocated to help reduce unforeseen events.

 It leverages data from a multitude of sources including geographic information systems (GIS), work management system, control center and one-call system, as well as external sources such as NOAA and USGS. “The Intelligent Pipeline Solution provides an integrated, geospatial view of our pipeline assets aligned with critical factors related to pipeline integrity. We look forward to the functionality that future releases of IPS will bring to our organization,” said Shawn Patterson, Chief Operating Officer,  CPG.

 It takes into account other significant data aspects such as pipeline attributes, risk scores, inline inspection findings, planned assessments, HCA locations, leak history, one-call tickets, emergency valve location, precipitation and, fault lines. It also comprises of a set of filters and layers that allow users to examine data in different ways and rapidly pinpoint areas of interest with an evaluation on threats and remediation measures.

 Peggy Kostial, Senior Managing Director for Accenture’s North America Resources Operating group remarked, “We are excited about applying our industry knowledge, including our understanding of the challenges of pipeline operators, to develop a global standard solution that will deliver value across the industry.”