ColumbiaSoft Introduces Document Locator DocuSign Connector;know Simplifies Electronic Signing

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Scott Zieg, Executive Director, ColumbiaSoft Corporation

Scott Zieg, Executive Director, ColumbiaSoft Corporation

PORTLAND, OR: Businesses usually need to route documents to customers and vendors outside the system for immediate eSignature. Addressing the same need, ColumbiaSoft, a provider of document management software has integrated its services with DocuSign to furnish a closed-loop system where creating, reviewing and digitally signing contracts and other documents becomes really easy. DocuSign provides Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature solutions to its customers. Leveraging DocuSign’s Document Locator DocuSign Connector, users can send documents in Document Locator for eSignature via their DocuSign account..

"Business contracts, sales agreements, leases, legal files virtually any document signing can be handled faster and more efficiently with the global standard for Digital Transaction Management DocuSign," says Scott Zieg, Executive Director, ColumbiaSoft Corporation. "With our new DocuSign Connector, documents can be signed online and while on the go using a laptop or mobile device."

The striking aspect about the solution is that all the hassles are eliminated and costs are decreased using eSignature, and lack of security in printing, scanning, and faxing is also dealt with. This in turn makes signing process more efficient and faster. Even though the entire process is executed digitally, the information always remains secure, though the enforceable contracts are legally delivered.

Files are automatically sent for signature with DocuSign using a "send for signature" feature in Document Locator's workflow. This is followed by the signer receiving an email asking to review and sign the file; once completed the file is instantly saved back into Document Locator as a new file. Furthermore, the process can be continued depending on requirements— routing the file for countersignature, notifying key stakeholders, and applying record policies. Speeding up the approval and sign-off process, form based procedures can be realized by combining the signing process with electronic forms.