Combining Efforts: Reshaping IoT Security

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Darron Antill, CEO, Cryptosoft

Darron Antill, CEO, Cryptosoft

FREMONT, CA: Cryptosoft’s thoughtful approach to offer guidelines and device-driven protection for the IoT ecosystem has led to the acquisition of Device Authority—providing seamless edge-to-edge security for Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. This investment in Device Authority will position Cryptosoft as a superior provider of policy-based security solution, competent infrastructure-derived cryptography and efficient device-based protection platform—helping customers to derive complete benefits from a single institution. Cryptosoft is providing customers with disruptive capabilities to secure their data, as it moves from device to device.

The amalgamation of the two companies will further augment Cryptosoft’s roadmap of empowering consumers with a trustworthy, cost-efficient IoT security platform to safeguard information assets at any data level within an organization’s IoT system network. “Ours is a data centric security platform that can sit on top of the existing products or solutions. An organization does not have to change its symmetry from scratch, while integrating our platform,” says Darron Antill, CEO, Cryptosoft.

The Cryptosoft platform allows organizations to add security services anywhere in a workflow, without disrupting the business processes. The company’s platform, in contrast to existing market solutions, secures the information at the source, so a customer’s data is protected both in storage and transit. Adding to these benefits, the recent merge will help Crytosoft to present a scalable device authentication platform, which can productively manage multifaceted client devices, and policy driven data centric encryption equipment, that defends customer’s critical data. In addition, the new company will operate under the name of Device Authority, providing device-driven reliance and vastly scalable security for the IoT system network.