Commit Promotes Nathan Cayzer to the Position of Chief Customer Officer to Support the Rapid Service Growth
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Commit Promotes Nathan Cayzer to the Position of Chief Customer Officer to Support the Rapid Service Growth

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The newly created position will support Commit's growing demand for international technology development talent and launch new and critical staffing solutions.

FREMONT, CA: The IoT offers a platform that enables people to connect and operate these devices using big data technologies, increasing performance efficiency, economic benefits and reducing the need for human intervention. This is the most significant development of the twenty-first century. Custom software and IoT solutions provider Commit has hired Nathan Cayzer as its new Chief Customer Officer. The new position is designed to support the rapid growth of Commit's services in North America and introduce creative new staffing methods to source top tech talent on-demand rapidly.

 “The pace and cost of innovation has never been higher. Commit’s ability to offset these costs without comprising quality puts us in a unique position, and as a result, our North American customer base has grown substantially in the last year,” states Max Nirenberg, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of Commit USA. “Nathan’s extensive international experience in the software market along with his customer-centric approach makes him ideal for this new role.”

Six times more customers have signed up for Commit's services in North America since the start of the year. To ensure the company's worldwide expansion and responsibility, Cayzer will serve as the company's Chief Customer Officer in North America.

Aside from boosting Commit's customer base, Cayzer will oversee the provision of services, put together and lead an organization of client partners, and optimize Commit's expanding talent pool of over 600 multi-disciplinary professionals. His role will include managing the international implementation of Commit's new and innovative team-building solutions and serving as a vital connection for cultural alignment at a global level.

“Hiring and retaining top-notch tech talent has never been more challenging. Costs are increasing at an alarming rate, particularly in the U.S., creating an urgent need for Commit’s services and the ability to effectively source talent from a global pool,” comments Nathan Cayzer, Commit’s Chief Customer Officer. “To ensure success, organizations need to rethink how they build tech teams that can scale. Adaptability and flexibility is key to successful staffing, which is at the core of what Commit delivers.”

 As a software developer, Cayzer has more than 20 years of expertise in the international market. At Commit's Israel software development division, he was in charge of overseeing many clients and developing an in-depth understanding of Commit's tech R&D talent pool, delivery methods, and worldwide clientele. As an expert software engineer, his specialty is bridging the chasm between customer business needs and the implementation realities of software developers.