Common Applications of AutoCAD and How it is Beneficial
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Common Applications of AutoCAD and How it is Beneficial

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 5, 2021

AutoCAD helps engineers and architects to draw designs quickly without using a manual process, and it can also create 2D drawings and 3D models. 

FREMONT, CA : -Earlier, the engineers and architects used to draw their designs manually so that they can demonstrate their ideas. Computers and design software such as AutoCAD have replaced mainly pen and paper in recent years.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design program created by the Autodesk group (hence the name AutoCAD). It enables users to create and edit digital 2D and 3D designs faster and more efficiently than they can handle by hand. The files can also be saved and stored in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere at any time.

Who Uses AutoCAD?

Users may work as a CAD Drafter in numerous industries and use AutoCAD. Mechanical engineering can be used to design motor parts, robots, and other advanced artifacts and build manufacturing processes. It can be used to map out electrical structures in electrical engineering and assist in constructing bridges and roads in civil engineering.

Architects: AutoCAD is commonly used to design blueprints and floor plans for homes and business structures. It also has built-in tools for analyzing and resolving flaws in a building's architecture.

Interior Designers: AutoCAD can be used to visualize the inside of a house, whether it's a restaurant's dining room or a home's living room.

Fine Artists: AutoCAD's capabilities are so broad that even artists utilize it to create sculptures, wood carvings, engravings, and conceptual art pieces.

Benefits of Using AutoCAD

Easy Edits: 

A designer had to update designs before the advent of computers manually. They would have to start a new one or edit an existing draft, which might get complicated and difficult to understand. But they can easily modify and control designs with AutoCAD.

Faster Production: 

To recreate design parts, users can generate a reusable block library. If the users have a functional window system, they can use it again. To maximize efficiencies, they can save a manufacturing part that they frequently use in the block library. The design procedure would be quicker than if they did it by hand because saved files can be used and re-used.

Better Accuracy: 

It is possible to draw small things with hands, while AutoCAD enables them to design down to fractions. This results in a design that is more consistent in all dimensions.

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