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Common Marketing Automation Pitfalls to Avoid

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

Modern marketers are under constant pressure to do more with less that is to improve productivity with fewer resources and lesser time. Fortunately, marketers have marketing automation to support their efforts. The ever-advancing technology has the power to help increase leads, drive conversions, and ultimately generate more revenue. The marketing automation tools are far more than support tools but changing the marketer’s role in streamlining hectic workloads. However, challenges arise when companies don’t take advantage of the software and fail to use it to its fullest potential. Below are some mistakes to avoid when implementing marketing automation.

Marketing automation is an extraordinary tool for nurturing existing customer base. The business that is at the start can be tempted by the potential of such a sophisticated tool but in reality, implementing such a solution needs enough customer bases to be effective. Startups choosing marketing automation solution with more functionality than required can go waste or unused. Ensuring the business has more prospect data helps make sure that the solution is worthwhile.

Some unique series of interaction with customers is required to build up conversion. The grave mistake will be assuming that a conversion funnel from a business will suite for another business. Understanding critical touchpoints for the customers can ensure a particular solution will provide the right tools to reach them. A clear understanding of the customer journey allows nurturing leads through the entire purchase process.

Mismanagement of the CRM system and a lack of customer segmentation will result in the wrong messages getting through to the wrong people, risking the overall inbound marketing strategy. Businesses should clean up customer data held in their CRM. The impact of marketing automation depends on the quality of data being fed to it.

A marketing automation solution should create an educational, engaging personal experience for the customers. Alienating people with irrelevant campaigns, an excessive number of messages is mismanagement. Communication through marketing automation should not see the customers as they are faceless.

Insufficient integration of marketing automation with other tools and devices will not make sufficient impacts in productivity, and the chance of valuable interaction with the customers can be lost. Also considering how multiple metrics work together will give a much more accurate picture of the impact of marketing automation.