Communitake And 3SI Team Up To Strengthen Security Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: A provider of delivery secure mobile communications projects, 3SI and mobile security and management technology company, CommuniTake Technologies announced a poly-phase  strategic OEM partnership to attend to governmental and business market requirements for extremely secure wireless communications. The alliance will coalesce peculiar security concepts, technologies, platform and devices to produce exceptional mobile cyber security solution.

CommuniTake provides complete Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Total Care suite, with a smart user experience that delivers immediate tangible business results.3Si Security Systems supplies asset protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, combating crime though technologies.

CommuniTake’s unique technology blended with 3SI’s components and large projects delivery understanding will create a new epoch of mobile security. This bond will enable businesses and enterprises to impose security controls and motives, and exercises to protect confidential communications from nouveau voice interception procedures and highly innovative data theft vectors. It delivers the required device security level based on the needs of the enterprises, with an unparallel desktop app suite containing instant messaging, secure communications, encrypted storage on multiple devices based on  Android, iOS and a variety of Internet of Things, and central governance of device use. The solution resulting from the partnership provides one of the most secure mobile phone, holding in embedded multi-layered security in hardware, firmware, data storage and mobile applications, covering all aspects of the device.

“We have found CommuniTake to be the perfect partner to an exciting new journey to providing an exceptional mobile security platform as we envision it. We choose to work with the amazing team at CommuniTake because we are sharing the same insights on the market needs. The available technology allows us to add or replace specific components, such as cryptographic libraries, without compromising security or the sustainable development of the solution," expressed Herve Meurie, CEO, Strategic Security Systems International (3SI).

Many of the solutions offered in the market are inefficiently directed solutions crafted specifically for a limited number of users’ profiles. This partnership and the related outcome enable an extensive base of organizations to utilize core business applications without any hurdles and issues. The deucedly innovated solution has been carefully designed to comply with countries’ regulations and diverse security requirements like encryption libraries, VPN, authentication, on-premise installation - without boundaries.