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Compelling Features, Modern Programmatic Analytics must have

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

Programmatic technology has evolved with time, and the field of media and advertising call it, revenue generator. Ad operations closely align with programmatic to optimize the outcome ratio. Although this technology has managed to become a mainstay in the industry, the need for more advanced and sophisticated programmatic analytics continues to rise. The operational phase, which involves data acquisition from numerous sources within and beyond the platform, and the final analysis, companies are required to choose the right programmatic analytics tool, which fits the present ad ops needs. Check out the quintessential requisites of a sophisticated programmatic solution here.

•  Effective advertising data management

Programmatic plays a significant role in streamlining advertising operations according to the product idea. Simplifying the data collection process, reducing the time and resources, and normalizing the data management landscape, advanced programmatic analytics helps in efficient data management. This further improves the quality, fluidity, and transparency of data.

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•  Visual data analysis

Data visualization tool becomes one of the most crucial parts of the programmatic analytics as analyzing the advertising data remains fundamentally important.  Besides, advertisers look for insightful and impactful automatic analysis techniques. Hence, engineers are mainly needed to add visual advancements while designing a programmatic solution.    

•  Personalized context-specific strategies

Quick programmatic analytical solutions are capable of personalizing advertising ideas according to the products or the brand's requirements. Also, features such as instantaneous testing, continuous tracking, and strategizing solutions based on the channel specifications, contribute to better and more profound analytical outcomes. Including digital dashboards with real-time reporting in the programmatic space opens self-configuration options.


The best formula to choose the rightly serving programmatic solutions for the enterprises is a keen evaluation of the individual business models and identifying the requirements. With a clear understanding of the current demands, industries are sure to deploy the right programmatic analytics solution.