Computer Guidance Introduces Project Management Dashboards
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Computer Guidance Introduces Project Management Dashboards

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 27, 2014

FREMONT,CA: Computer Guidance, a developer of construction, financial and project management software solutions for architecture, engineering and construction companies, has announced to launch its operations and project management dashboards, bridging the gap between the office and field employees with real-time data for improved field operations and financial controls.

Computer Guidance’s business intelligence and analytics solution powered by IBM Cognos business intelligence, arms contractors with a wealth of financial and project data reporting and analysis capabilities for proactive decision-making and ongoing performance evaluation. Since the initial product’s launch, Computer Guidance has developed hundreds of reports and many dashboards in supporting human resources, job cost and cost accounting, project management, customer receivables, time and material billing and services.

The interactive and user- friendly interface offers users a holistic view of historical and current financial data. Computer Guidance customers benefit from immediate productivity gains, improved business processes and positively impacted financials as a result of the electronic Contract Management System business intelligence and analytics solution.

“As a construction solution provider, our responsibility is to provide innovative solutions to our customers that allow them to effectively and efficiently respond to opportunities and challenges today and in the future. There is nothing more critical than to have real-time access to dynamic business-critical data for the analysis, planning and management of the business,” states Mike Bihlmeier, President, Computer Guidance.

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