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Computex Technology Solutions Achieves Nutanix Cloud Champion Status

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2021

Computex Technology Solutions trumpets that it has secured Cloud Champion Status, the highest competency level in the Elevate Partner Program.

FREMONT, CA: Computex Technology Solutions, an American Virtual Cloud Technologies, announces that it has secured Cloud Champion Status, the highest tier in the Nutanix Elevate Partner Program. The designation is the highest competency in the Elevate Partner Program. It is secured by partners who possess the greatest depth and breadth of product, services, and support expertise across the whole Nutanix portfolio of cloud software hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Computex has ten certified salespeople and seven certified engineers that have illustrated hands-on experience and expertise in implementing and managing Nutanix solutions in real-world enterprise environments. This achievement shows thousands of dedicated man-hours from the recognized Cloud Partners. Even rare are partners that can run services and also serve as the solutions provider. With Computex, customers enjoy more choice and flexibility and peace of mind. They need to build converged infrastructure solutions and cloud platforms that develop resiliency, active data protection, and limitless scalability.

Computex is innovating and pushing the boundaries for best of breed technologies and methods for delivering complex projects. Nutanix has proven itself an innovative, open technology platform created for tomorrow, which, when offered by its uniquely qualified and highly skilled architects, provides its clients with the potential to deploy data center and cloud transformation projects at any scale. This confidence and expertise in Nutanix are reasons the company is one of their first partners to bring Nutanix to large scale customers.

The company has invested deeply in developing its expertise across the Nutanix solutions portfolio to deliver the best-matched solutions to its customers. Being recognized by Nutanix at the premier level of their Nutanix Elevate Partner Program for these efforts and its demonstrated customer success is a desirable feather in its cap and underscores its commitment to engineering excellence best-in-class customer service.

Nutanix is proud to have partnered with Computex for over eight years. We commend their dedication to excellence and proven results in the development and delivery, and long-term management, of innovative end-to-end Nutanix solutions you can trust.  The Elevate program for channel differs from traditional partner programs by offering a unique emphasis on partner potentials and competencies to sell and help the Nutanix portfolio, rather than revenue targets.