Comverge IntelliCONNECT Assists Utilities Deploy Bring Your Own Device Demand Management Programs

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 24, 2016

NORCROSS, GA: Comverge has announced new IntelliCONNECT software to deploy bring your own device (BYOD) demand response and energy efficiency programs.

Comverge is the provider of integrated cloud-based demand response, energy efficiency and customer engagement solutions that enable electric utilities to ensure grid reliability, lower energy costs, meet regulatory demands and enhance the customer experience. Through its combination of software, hardware and services, Comverge helps utilities optimize every aspect of a demand management program, from participant recruitment and device installation to call center support, control events and measurement and verification. On the other side, the IntelliCONNECT cloud-based software enables utilities to easily include BYOD in new or existing demand response and energy efficiency programs. IntelliCONNECT is completely integrated with Comverge IntelliSOURCE demand response management system to give utilities a single platform for managing both direct install and BYOD devices across residential and small to mid-sized business customers.

“BYOD is now a mandatory component of a demand management program and IntelliCONNECT enables electric utilities to easily distill high-quality, predictable megawatts from a wide variety of Wi-Fi connected devices within a service territory,” said Gregory J. Dukat, Comverge Chairman, President and CEO. “BYOD programs can help utilities stay relevant with customers by providing them with increased choice and value-added services. Our new IntelliCONNECT cloud-based software enables utilities to offer both demand response and energy efficiency programs for third-party device owners.”

Demand response and energy efficiency programs that utilize a BYOD approach to include devices already in a customer’s premise benefits utilities and customers alike. Utilities can expand demand response capacity with lower marketing and installation costs, while also engaging with their customers about energy efficiency. Customers benefit from comfort, convenience and energy savings with a device that they chose to purchase in addition to the financial incentives of utility demand response and energy efficiency program participation.

In addition to this announcement, Comverge also announced IntelliCONNECT integration with Honeywell and Pro1 thermostats.