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Condusiv Technologies Corporation Named to "20 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers 2017" by CIOReview

By CIOReview | Friday, November 17, 2017

BURBANK, CA: Condusiv® Technologies Corporation has been recognized as one of the elite group of companies that are featured in the Virtualization special edition of CIOReview magazine.

“We are glad to announce Condusiv Technologies Corporation in our annual ranking list of 20 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers 2017,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “This recognition will bring more popularity to Condusiv Technologies Corporation and positive attention from the IT industry.”

Condusiv’s selection as an elite provider is based on its unique solution to the challenge faced by any organization virtualizing. Since virtualization introduces complexity to the data path, system performance is dampened. Thus, when it comes to a server virtualization investment, it would be counter-intuitive to perform such an upgrade only to end up with slower application performance than before.Moreover, these issues are further exacerbated by Windows which doesn’t play well in a virtual environment, resulting in a surplus of excessively small writes and reads that chew up performance.

Oftentimes, businesses are unaware of the I/O degradation that occurs in a virtual environment nor of the significant I/O tax that steals performance. Condusiv’s V-locity® I/O reduction software provides virtualized servers with core patented technologies that offload I/O from underlying storage and streamline whatever I/O traffic remains,and comes with a money-back guarantee to solve the toughest application performance issues like MS-SQL and more.

“Unbeknown to most organizations, the aforementioned inefficiencies mean that 30-40% of all I/O traffic is entirely unnecessary - it’s just “noisy I/O” that dampens overall performance and unnecessarily chews up IOPS. Condusiv’s I/O reduction software runs automatically in the background, eliminating those inefficiencies, which not only provides an immediate performance boost but hands back all those IOPS to storage that can now be used for other things. By guaranteeing to solve sluggish application performance, our customers have been able to leverage our software to get more from their hardware infrastructure,” said Brian Morin, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Condusiv Technologies.

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