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Connected Cybersecurity: Coalescing OT with IT

By CIOReview | Saturday, April 27, 2019

For-profit businesses are the primary targets for cybercriminals. By using numerous hacking techniques, business enemies attack the industrial Intellectual Property (IP), which includes industry-critical information, confidential mission data, and employee details. As the industries are adopting advanced automation techniques, Operational Technology (OT) networks have become popular to give rise to an all-new connected cybersecurity paradigm. To add on OT devices integrate with the existing IT infrastructure to safeguard the enterprise data assets by formulating this new cybersecurity approach, which supports intelligent IP-enabled routines. This cybersecurity strategy is driven by smart prediction analytics, which is based on the convergence of OT and IT networking principles.

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Connected cyber security is expected to deliver futuristic data safety as it features a two-fold tactic: unlike the regular data security measures, this strategy diverts the attackers towards cracking the OT network before they can gain entry into the critical IT network. The interconnected OT devices have led the industrial engineers to a unique security perspective. Understanding the intentions of the cybercriminals plays a significant role in preventing critical data thefts. Connected cybersecurity provides in-depth insights into the detection of the malware and a comprehensive understanding of the hackers’ moves and suspicious behavior. They further help the security professionals to design attack-proofed operational strategies which protect the vulnerable data from exploitation.    

Inside-out security is one of the most effective benefits offered by connected cybersecurity. In this approach, the enterprise professionals plan and create security strategies, which are tailored for their operations and workflow management. The intuitive operational technology helps in analyzing the weak points of the IT infrastructures and identifying the vulnerabilities of data. This approach begins with relating the business objectives and the risk factors, helping the industries develop enterprise-specific cybersecurity models. With the advent of new technologies, cybersecurity approaches may change, but the art of understanding the motive of the attacker would always form a basis for developing a powerful strategy.   

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