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Connecting to Online Customers with Smart Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Robert Blatt, CEO

Robert Blatt, CEO

“It’s simple. If you show up in online search results, you get business,” states Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. It is a known fact that customers research online on their mobile devices and then they go offline for what they want. Every enterprise wants their brand to be visible online with the recommendation features like nearest locations, optimal choices for what they are looking, and the recommended products. Brands should have high visibility and accurate information across the web as the customer interactions don’t always happen on the brand’s home website. Here, there is an invisible link between online visibility and location services. Based on these requirements and criteria, MomentFeed has created a platform that helps multiple-location brands to engage with the customers’ so that the sales can be increased.

  Consumers rely heavily on brands that have the best and most captivating information when they’re looking for fun, new, and interesting events nearby   

MomentFeed offers a Mobile Consumer Experience (MCX) management software that helps companies with dozens of brick-and-mortar stores to increase revenue by influencing customer decisions on mobile. MomentFeed’s MCX software is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps clients like Starbucks, McDonald's, and Pizza Hut to engage with customers’ ten folds more effectively through media like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Yelp. Every notification on the mobile phone is based on location. These location services help the companies with hundreds of stores manage all the marketing, advertising and customer care activities that are required to make each of their locations a nearby customer’s first choice. Most of the clients tell that using MomentFeed is like having an entire army of marketers working for the company to manage marketing, advertising, and customer response for every store and converting mobile customers to become in-store customers.

“Consumers rely heavily on brands that have the best and most captivating information when they’re looking for fun, new, and interesting events nearby,” says Blatt. Brands can publish their content across all the locations how and when they want to and localize to target the exact audience. Events Manager is the latest solution from MomentFeed’s signature MCX platform. This facilitates for easy discoverable of the locations, get customers, and increase the revenue. MCX platforms include six innovative products like Visibility Manager, Menu Manager, Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, and Reputation Manager. All these connect to integrate with the brands and bring insights to life with third-party data. MomentFeed’s Events Manager leverages the Facebook events across all the stores giving a great way to connect with other customers. From the viewpoint of MomentFeed’s Social Media Manager, it has allowed the users to select the account where they want to post event information. MomentFeed considers every client as a partner and stays committed to the success of each business.