Constellix Introduces New Domain Wizard for the Launch of Beta

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 24, 2015

RESTON, VA: To prepare itself for the upcoming launch of Beta, Constellix DNS, creators of DNS Made Easy and provider of IP Anycast enterprise DNS services, has launched a feature- New Domain Wizard.

Domain Name System (DNS) is the service used to convert human readable names of hosts to IP addresses. While DNS protocol consists of different types of DNS messages that are processed according to the information in their message fields.

The new release helps users through the process of creating records for their new domains without leaving the Constellix DNS interface and no associated downtime for users’ domains. Users just have to simply input the domain and select which records they want to attribute to the domain, after which the new wizard will automatically perform the required steps for them. It splits the domain creation into three simple steps, namely domain name, configuring records and finally updates users’ domain records on Constellix name servers by using proprietary Instant DNS Updates.

According to the company, this tool is a part of Constellix’s efforts to make DNS management easily accessible to all users with different levels of technical know-how. “Our research suggests that the majority of users are IT professionals, however there is a growing subset of business owners who are taking DNS management into their own hands. With more small businesses realizing how affordable outsourced DNS is, we have to make our services more user-friendly for both the technical users and the business owner who chooses to take control of their domains,” says Steven Job, President, Constellix.