Construction Markets Stands to benefit from BIM software
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Construction Markets Stands to benefit from BIM software

By CIOReview | Monday, March 17, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Tekla, provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to the engineering and construction markets, unveils Tekla Structures 20. The newest version of Tekla's industry-leading BIM software improves construction workflow efficiency by providing the means to better organize models manage tasks and avoid structural clashes.

Tekla Structures 20 reduces manual transfer of data and brings detailed information and flexibility to modeling.  It allows information to flow more efficiently from design, purchasing and production to the shop floor. Tekla also offers more links to architectural and design solutions to remove the technical and compatibility barriers that compromise workflow between project teams and subcontractors using different types of applications.

To simplify Information Management Tekla Structures 20 presents several structured tools. It has an organizer which delivers more efficient model information management and increased automation. It has incorporated Task Manager which offers a systematic way to plan detailing, fabrication and erection on site.  Tekla Structures 20 also comes with a Clash Check Manager which allows communicating and avoiding structural conflicts before they appear on site to manage cost and time.

"Tekla Structures 20 contributes to the essential processes of today's information-intensive construction industry. Tekla Structures 20 dramatically improves project team communication and collaboration by providing the detail needed for building complex structures, offering process-improving tools, and effortlessly working with other software applications, thereby delivering on the promise of BIM for the construction industry," said Risto Raty, Executive Vice President of Tekla.