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Consumers can Unlock the New Cellular IoT Connectivity with Hologram Hyper

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2020

The users of Hologram can unlock the latest cellular IoT connectivity with the help of Hologram Hyper.

FREMONT, CA: Presently the customers of Hologram can unlock a new level of cellular IoT connectivity with the help of Hologram Hyper. It is their latest eUICC SIMs and platform. Hyper assists the companies to scale more rapidly across various markets by offering them with over-the-air, updatable access to Hologram's entire portfolio of cellular IoT connectivity partners and profiles. It can be the key through which users will get flexibility for their IoT project in coverage, performance, and pricing.

As per CEO, Ben Forgan, "software is eating the world." He further said that "with IoT, software is also 'eating' the physical world, creating opportunities for companies to build exciting products and generate efficiencies through automation. Hologram is doing our part with Hyper, our eUICC platform, by turning connectivity into software."

Make the Connectivity Future-Proof

Developing on their present network partners and integrations, top-notch IoT dashboard, and open API abilities, Hyper simplifies the cellular IoT for Hologram's consumer's and extends their capability to offer flexible coverage.

Hologram Hyper's features consist of:

Single, Global IoT eUICC-ready SIM SKU

 The users can future-proof the hardware with an eUICC-capable SIM that can be updated remotely with the help of Hologram's eUICC platform. Moreover, eUICC is accessible in triple-cut cards and MFF2 embedded (eSIM) form factors, and the present customers can transit their fleet without a new board design or hardware manufacturing procedure.

Access to Hologram's Global Network of Carrier Partners and Profiles

They can even introduce the fleet with Hologram, which is a well-known IoT connectivity partner that has an expanding portfolio of global and localized connectivity coverage profiles. With eUICC, the users do not have to change hardware or SIM SKUs.

Unified, Collaborative Platform 

They can even manage the fleet with the help of Hologram's unified IoT connectivity platform for fast-growing teams.

Why Transition to eUICC?

To simplify the operations with a single SKU across the fleet. With the help of eUICC over-the-air updates, just one SIM card or embedded chip can offer the flexibility for developing coverage options even after devices are deployed in the field.