Contemplating ITSM as a Business Strategy
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Contemplating ITSM as a Business Strategy

By CIOReview | Monday, May 28, 2018

With the advent of digitalization, numerous companies across industries are operating their processes through online. To efficiently achieve their goals, companies align IT Service Management (ITSM) with their organizational objectives. Although, companies prioritize Information Technology (IT) to determine their objectives and suggest methods to accomplish them, there are numerous instances where IT and ITSMs fail to stand up to their organization’s expectations in terms of deliverance. In context of the DevOps world which promises fully-developed end products and service management, it becomes even more difficult for clients to manage services provided by DevOps. Despite the fallacies associated with ITSM, companies adopt it to facilitate their digital transformation process. For companies which aim at revamping their business prospects, IT plays and will continue to play pivotal role.

To efficiently manage and operate the IT department of a company in the present world, it is mandatory for the senior leadership to understand and channel the capability of IT to orchestrate the company. The CIO of a company must have an open mind with the ability to prognosticate and fulfill the requirements of the IT department. Empowered with the support of senior leadership, IT and ITSMs can be used to blend business strategy and make it more optimized by identifying and eliminating wasteful work, adopting agile methodologies to aid the company in continuous time fragments.

What ITSM needs to focus on is to improve customer experience by making the company perform better and in the process meet the objectives of the company. The CIOs of associated companies need to understand the potential of ITSM as service management and leverage its offerings to adhere to the objectives of their company. With efficient ITSM, a company can unlock new levels of success while upholding its core values.