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Content: The Keystone to Power up Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, December 19, 2016

Consumer attention has become the ultimate commodity for enterprises to gain wider market exposure. In today’s fast-growing commoditized marketing environment, organizations are taking customer-centric approach to build a successful brand by establishing strong connection between customers and business.. With this ongoing trend, organizations are adopting Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to strengthen brand preference, boost revenue while fostering customer loyalty through better interactions. 

Impact of Content on CEM

Today, consumers have greater role to play in charting buyer experience than ever before. With uninhibited access to product information and customer sentiments from across channels, customers are in a better position to make informed purchase decisions. In this context, marketing should be tailored to embrace customers throughout their purchase journey. The content needs to be delivered to prospective buyers through various means including digital marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, blogs, among others. Effective content assists in boosting marketing campaigns creating that paves the path for B2B sales opportunities.

Boost Customer Experience with Content   

Content is the real power behind customer experience and the best channel to promote product and services, and deliver value to the customers in the form of appropriate information. There are various sources like, web, mobile and social media that generates huge amount of content, which could be used to attract customers and achieve believe business goals.

Gaining customer insights is very crucial to comprehend the consumer needs and serve them better. To capture those insights, it is necessary to identify the current trends, browse through social media, and garner information from FAQs where users would have posted questions or suggestions on particular issue and other online portals. With such efforts, enterprises can persistently enhance customer-centricity and deliver remarkable customer experience.

With Great Visuals comes Great Experience

Content marketing is not just about pitching in the product or services; it is about educating the customers by delivering valuable information. What ways could be better than visual content to allure consumer attention in a cluttered web feed?

Visuals are significant way to attract humans, as it is said that humans process visual information much faster than textual content. By creating valuable information in the form of images, videos, memes and GIF could have a better influence on customers.

Significance of Customer Experience

According to Gartner’s research on customer experience, by 2017, 89 percent of companies will have customer experience as their key differentiator. With the aim of enhancing the customer relationship, organizations today strengthen their interactions with customers not only through traditional ways such as phone calls and text but also via live video chat and other growing communication channels.  

Customer Experience Management not only assist in having better customer-interactions, but also helps enterprises in seizing new business opportunities, operating process more efficiently, and delivering tailored experiences to its customers. These abilities will entice customers to trade and remain loyal, and also help in promoting the firm by giving great review to others.

While trying to meet the customer needs, enterprises often find differences in what they deliver and what customer actually need. To fill this significant gap between product delivery and customer expectation, gaining insight about customer is very crucial. This is possible by digging deep into customer’s requirements and gaining valuable insight from the data to facilitate better customer experience.

Customer experience is not only becoming a source of competitive advantage, but also posing a bigger challenge for businesses to remain consistent. Better experience comes with the blend of digital and physical content that is by converting analog/physical to digital formats. By doing so, enterprises can offer value to the consumers and create a superior impact of the brand on customers.

To manage the customer experience, enterprises need to develop a content strategy that covers all the customer touch points. Content strategies is all about delivering reliable, worthy information to viewers and convert them into customers in order to churn out more revenue for the business.

Marketing using Content

As traditional marketing has become less effective, enterprises are obligated to think of better ways to market useful content to potential customers. By delivering relevant content to customers assist enterprises in increasing sales, cost savings and add on loyal customers.

There is a paradigm shift in how online viewers and browsers interact with content and how enterprises use it as a key differentiator. For instance, firms in the food processing and food packaging industry, not just share content to trade its product, but also offers a beneficial experience that helps its epicure customers plan meals, holidays, and parties.

Content is the future of Digital Marketing

Customer experience is at the heart of marketing world that comes with great content marketing. In order to build a strong bonding that leads to increased retentions and higher revenues, enterprises must allow their consumers be their guide. At the end of the day, all that matters is to create a larger audience, foster loyalty, and generate excessive revenue. Experiences assist in developing strong relationships with customers, and content is the source that drives to a better customer experience.

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