Contentful and Ooyala Partners to Ease Video Publishing Workflows

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 11, 2014

SANTA CLARA, CA: Contentful, the content management solution (CMS) provider, announces integration with Ooyala's platform for quality video publishing, analytics and monetization. Ooyala, a subsidiary of Telstra is a video analytics and monetization solution provider with clients like Comedy Central, NBC Universal, ESPN, Rolling Stone, Dell and Sephora.

Contentful's solutions enable "create once, publish everywhere" functionality and are popular among the media companies for creating and publishing content for web sites and mobile applications for any device from a single interface.

With the partnership between Ooyala and Contentful, customers can now easily manage and distribute video content across all platforms and devices. They can connect their accounts to search for, preview, select and embed Ooyala videos into their content pieces in Contentful.

"Contentful allows us to manage content once and publish it across all our different channels, from our mobile apps to our websites; and it works seamlessly with Ooyala's video syndication, analytics and discovery solutions. The integration of Ooyala within Contentful has really improved content management workflow for our production team," said Rachel Melville, senior director of product management at Playboy, one of the first firms to benefit from this partnership. .

Managing content across a growing number of platforms and devices is both a cumbersome task and a major priority for virtually all media companies. Re-encoding content to look sharp beyond the browser, especially on mobile, tablet and even smartwatch apps, is costly and time-consuming for developers and editors alike. 

"Most web CMS platforms have overlooked the unique requirements of mobile, relying on bolted-on extensions to address the challenge of ever-increasing device fragmentation in the mobile ecosystem. This is causing a lot of pain and extra work for both editors and developers," explained Sascha Konietzke, chief executive officer and co-founder of Contentful. "With our new Ooyala integration, Contentful can now extend its promise of 'all your content, one API' to video as well."

With video consumption on tablets and mobile phones growing exponentially, media companies need a way to deliver optimized videos to these devices, while capitalizing on the opportunity for ad revenue and other forms of monetization. But managing content efficiently across these platforms in a cohesive manner is challenging and often results in fragmented content teams.

"With video consumption on tablets and mobile phones continuing to grow exponentially, premium video publishers need new ways to deliver engaging content that flows seamlessly to any device. Contentful's API simplifies the process of publishing Ooyala video to websites and mobile applications built with their media-rich CMS," says Caitlin Spaan, Vice President of Marketing for Ooyala.